Jim Feldkamp Discusses the Recent Congressional Stimulus Bill

Jim Feldkamp Discusses the Recent Congressional Stimulus Bill

President Donald Trump signed the most recent stimulus bill and budget into law. While the bill left a lot of people unhappy, it keeps the government open and fully functional for now. Jim Feldkamp, who specializes in government policy and terrorism, believes that on the whole, the most recent stimulus bill and budget package is good for the country.

“Was the recent stimulus bill perfect? No, but now policy or law is ever perfect,” Jim Feldkamp says. “Yet a government shutdown right now would be a disaster. We need our government operating at full strength amid this pandemic.”

The “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021” act is more than 5,000 pages long and beyond providing relief to help struggling Americans and businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it also provides funding for various government agencies and programs. Without funding, Jim Feldkamp says government agencies would have shut down.

“It’s important to remember that this is not just a stimulus package, but also provides funding for the entire government,” Jim Feldkamp points out. “Without this funding, the United States would have lacked money for the Defense Department, State Department, and more. This could leave the U.S. exposed to terrorism, foreign state actors, and other risks.”

While the entire government would not close down if funding failed to past, many services and projects would be put on hold or potentially scuttled. Jim Feldkamp believes that right now, the United States needs stability.

“We’re going through an administration change, we’re confronting a deadly pandemic, we must contend with rivals across the world,” Jim Feldkamp says. “Right now, we need stability. Instability could spook allies, markets, and of course, the American people. Instability could affect the economy and society as a whole.”

Yet even with the stimulus packaging and budget in place, millions of Americans will continue to struggle. Jim Feldkamp believes that 2021 will offer the American government an opportunity to remind its citizens how much good it can do.

“The challenges will be grave in 2021, but by rising up to meet these challenges, the government can remind people how effective it can be,” Jim Feldkamp says. “This may ultimately raise faith in the government. Of course, meeting such massive challenges is easier said than done.”

Jim Feldkamp Talks About Consumers and the Economy

Jim Feldkamp notes that direct stimulus money into the hands of American consumers can stimulate the economy. Some early indicators suggest that holiday spending in 2020 was sluggish. With unemployment and economic uncertainty high, direct stimulus could prop up American consumers and help ensure spending.

“The recent stimulus package included $600 in money to middle and working class Americans,” Jim Feldkamp says. “This should help increase consumer spending. Right now, the US economy centers around consumer spending, so stimulus checks can help ensure a stable, strong economy.”

Many are calling for $2,000 stimulus checks. Jim Feldkamp believes that Congress may pass more stimulus measures in 2021 and that stimulus checks may be part of future packages.

“Another stimulus package in the first half 0f 2021 would not be surprising,” Jim Feldkamp argues. “And if one does pass, bigger stimulus checks may be on the table.”

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