Jim Feldkamp Discusses the Need for Unity Going Forward

“Many groups are concerned about the 2020 Presidential election and potential fraud or interference,” Jim Feldkamp says. “So far, we haven’t uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud. Of course, future investigations may uncover issues. Obviously, in the long run, fair elections are a necessary for democracy. Regardless, unity is important as America faces global issues and rivals.”

Jim Feldkamp believes that while various parties may have their differences and disagreements, ultimately, Americans must stand together. In a global environment fraught with risks, a united response is necessary.

“It’s important to remember that we live in a multipolar world,” Jim Feldkamp points out. “Currently, the United States is the most powerful single country according to some metrics. That said, the United States faces strong challengers, including China and Russia.”

Jim Feldkamp Talks About Outside Election Interference

Could China or Russia have interfered with elections? Jim Feldkamp says it’s possible. However, he believes that the ultimate aim may be to delegitimize elections rather than to elect a certain candidate.

“Russia and China, among others, have been accused of interfering in our elections,” Jim Feldkamp says. “Ultimately, our intelligence agencies should be able to uncover interference. Even if outside parties were interfering, however, their primary goals may not have concerned a particular candidate but instead to sow chaos and call into question how legitimate our elections are.”

If outside meddling does cause people to question the American election system, it could cause internal strife and infighting. This could make it harder for the United States to confront rivals and to develop responses to emerging crises. Jim Feldkamp believes this is where unity must come into play.

“We need to stand together to counter and confront threats,” Jim Feldkamp says. “This is just as true for confronting terrorism as it is for tackling foreign geopolitical rivals. Divided we fall. We’ll waste energy fighting internal issues when we instead should be directing resources to confront external threats.

When confronting rivals, Jim Feldkamp believes strong, consistent internal communication is necessary. Leaders need to talk to one another, including people across the aisle. If communication breaks down, it could hurt trust and make it difficult to coordinate responses.

“Leaders in both parties need to know that they can trust one another, and that at the end of the day, that they can rely on one another,” Jim Feldkamp claims. “If leaders aren’t talking to one another, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. Rivals can use this to create further discord, which will hamper any response.”

Timely and truthful communication, on the other hand, encourages leaders to work together, and to consider multiple angles when developing a response to internal and external threats.

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