James Feldkamp Provides What If Scenario for Belgium Shooting

James Feldkamp Provides What If Scenario for Belgium Shooting

Jim Feldkamp on Surviving Hostile Encounters Like Recent Shooting in Belgium

A gunman in Belgium killed two police officers and a high school student while injuring four others in the heart of Belgium. As we remember the victims and their families, Jim Feldkamp gives quick tips on what ordinary citizens could do in a similar scenario to improve their chances of survival.

Prosecutors said the man followed and attacked the officers from behind with a knife before taking a gun from them and opening fire. The student was shot and killed while sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car as the shooter made his way towards a high school. The shooter also took a hostage at the school before police arrived and shot him.

When faced with the possibility of a seemingly random act of violence in a public place, the FBI’s first piece of advice is to remain aware of your surroundings. When entering buildings and enclosed facilities like stadiums or zoos, always know where the exits are, and the fastest way to get to the nearest one. Likewise, when seated at a restaurant, especially if you’re the only adult at the table, sit facing the front of the establishment so you can keep an eye on the entrance.

Second, be ready to move. If you’re carrying bulky things like a laptop or several documents, a backpack is recommended over an over-the-shoulder messenger bag or purse for better mobility. But if the danger is immediate, be ready to leave heavy items behind and get yourself to safety first. Important items can be recovered afterwards, but your life may not.

Finally, report suspicious activity. In many cases, improvised explosive devices are hidden within everyday objects like cellular phones, laptops, and bags. If you see one being left behind on a train or park bench, refrain from attempting to return the item yourself. Jim Feldkamp advises to call the authorities immediately.


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