James Feldkamp on Protecting Yourself While Overseas

James Feldkamp is a seasoned traveler and an expert in international security and foreign policy initiatives. He shares his insight when going abroad to help you protect yourself and your identity.

On Being Aware

From the currency you use to the people who approach you, your job is to pay attention to what’s going on. James Feldkamp says that anything that seems too good to be true is likely too good to be true, whether that’s a deeply discounted exchange rate or an overly enthusiastic person who ‘just wants to help’. Scam artists know how to exploit any weaknesses you might have when you’re in a place where you neither know the language nor the customs. Taking the right precautions will likely mean having your guard up. Traveling isn’t all being on the defensive, but it’s good to have some skills picked up along the way. To learn more about keeping yourself safe, visit jamesfeldkamp.co.

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