James Feldkamp Counts Down World’s Best Sailing Destinations

Author and retired naval officer James Feldkamp provides a closer look at some of the world’s top destinations for sailing.

An authority on cybersecurity based in Arlington County, Virginia, retired naval officer James Feldkamp continues to maintain a love of the open seas. Passionate about sailing, Feldkamp counts down a number of the world’s top destinations for those passionate about life—and vacations—at sea.

“From the British Virgin Islands to Croatia, there’s something inherently wonderful about sailing and the open oceans,” suggests James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Northern Virginia.

Technology expert, author, and wine connoisseur James Feldkamp is hugely passionate about travel and, in particular, sailing. “I love to combine my appreciation of wine, travel, and sailing through visits to vineyards and wineries around the world,” he reveals.

Counting down through a number of the world’s best sailing destinations, James Feldkamp first turns to the famous Caribbean British Virgin Islands. “The British Virgin Islands epitomize what most people truly love about sailing,” suggests Feldkamp. The Caribbean’s exquisite climate, beautiful beaches, and deep blue seas are only the beginning, according to the sailing expert. “Everything from the scenery to the snorkeling is simply superb,” he further points out.

Listed in no particular order, James Feldkamp’s second destination is similarly famous: The Bahamas. “Often seen as something of a starting point for those seeking to take up sailing, the Bahamas should not, however, be overlooked, no matter how experienced you may be,” says Virginia-based Feldkamp.

The abundant marine life on display, for example, James Feldkamp believes, makes the Bahamas a must-see for families and lovers of nature alike. “Easily accessible off of the southeast coast of Florida, there’s no better or more convenient way to experience sailing and everything that it offers,” suggests the author and technology expert. With opportunities such as big-game fishing also abundant, it’s a no-brainer, says Feldkamp, as a top sailing destination.

Somewhat of a hidden gem within sailing, at the same time, according to James Feldkamp, is Croatia. Croatia’s coastline, he says, also offers an abundance of opportunities within sailing, including in excess of 1,100 islands all waiting to be explored. “Croatia is an Adriatic gem,” suggests Feldkamp, “with modern, cool marinas and pretty, picturesque harbors lending a welcome arrival to the historic seaside towns beyond them.”

From the unspoiled Kornati National Park to the famous Dalmatian coast, Croatia is not to be missed, according to James Feldkamp.

Elsewhere, Thailand, Australia, Tonga, and Tahiti all receive an honorable mention from James Feldkamp. “It goes without saying that the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is something very special, but conservation efforts in the region must continue to come before opportunities for tourism,” stresses Feldkamp.

Lastly, meanwhile, James Feldkamp touches briefly on Greece. “Offering easy sailing with countless short hops to choose from in all directions, much of coastal Greece is a sight to behold from the water,” suggests the seasoned sailor.

“From Kefalonia to Santorini,” he adds, wrapping up, “the variety of sailing on offer is simply stunning and not to be missed.”

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