Commander James Feldkamp, USN Ret Explains The Latest Developments In U.S. Cybersecurity

What You Need To Know About U.S. Cybersecurity, According To James Feldkamp

Americans are concerned about their safety online, and rightfully so. James Feldkamp, USN Ret., is here to explain what you need to know about the latest cybersecurity developments to keep you, your information, and our country safe. 

According to James Feldkamp, one of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)‘s top priorities right now is ensuring that outside forces are not interfering with the upcoming election. Some of the strategies that CISA is using to combat efforts by other countries to interfere with the election include email authentication, encouraging service providers to use extra protection for cloud based services, and encouraging businesses to go through an extra user authentication process for high-value, high-security services. 

James Feldkamp also states that combating COVID-19 misinformation is a main priority of CISA at this time. One of the main issues is rapid spread of misinformation regarding a suggested connection between 5G cellular networks and the coronavirus. This false information has spread rapidly on social media, and CISA is working to teach social media users how to decide what information is reliable and what is propaganda. There has also been a spread of misinformation from authoritarian governments that free societies are struggling more with the virus than other countries, according to James Feldkamp

Misinformation regarding economic and supply chain issues due to the novel coronavirus are also a main concern of CISA at this time, according to James Feldkamp. CISA is working to provide support for businesses on how to talk about their supply chain, providing their customers and others with correct information. 

CISA is also working to help businesses and organizations that use chemicals of interest, or chemicals that could be used in a nefarious way against U.S. citizens. According to James Feldkamp, CISA is suggesting that businesses and organizations that use these chemicals step up their security measures. There have been some offensive cyber operations that have taken place regarding chemicals of interest, and these actions have been attributed to the Iranian government. According to James Feldkamp, it’s more important than ever that companies especially vulnerable to potential cyber attacks take the necessary precautions to keep both their company and the American people safe. 

For all organizations, James Feldkamp recommends increasing vigilance, increasing security measures, and encouraging employees and customers to report anything that doesn’t seem quite right. When it comes to cybersecurity, James Feldkamp maintains that when something seems off, it probably is, and it’s always better to err on the side of caution and report. 

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