James Feldkamp | Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness

James Feldkamp on Terrorism and Preparedness

The term Terrorism stems from the Régime de la Terreur, which literally translates to Reign of Terror and refers to the period during the French Revolution immediately after the First French Republic was established. Although the Terreur was originally associated with virtue and democracy, in this website, James Feldkamp discusses how terrorism is used in modern times to fragment a targeted population. He also goes into what we can do to prepare for future encounters with acts of terror.

Over the course of history, many groups have used terrorism as an extreme measure to destabilize existing regimes, to varying degrees of success. In more recent modern history, notable groups have evolved different tactics, and taken advantage of the technology, infrastructure, and sociological climate of the times.

Of the Four Modern Waves of Terrorism, according to David Rapoport of UCLA, we are currently in the Religious Wave, which began in 1979 with the New Islamic Century when Wahabists attacked the Grand Mosque in Mecca, desiring to purify the site. Wide-scale deadly attacks have coordinated and primarily focused on Western targets.

Terrorists also make use of mass media to advocate their cause. We see examples of terrorism everyday in the news.

With all this happening before our eyes, James Feldkamp attempt to shift the focus slightly towards meaningful discussions about preparation. Apart from asking, “What could we have done?” Jim asks, what we are doing ahead of time to prepare for the worst?

Preparation training should be done as individuals, but also as businesses and communities. Retired US Naval Commander and FBI Special Agent Jim Feldkamp urges us to look at ourselves and our organizations to make sure that we are “real-world ready” should an event unfold.

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